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IBERIA PARISH SCHOOL BOARD                                                                               Belle Place Middle School

                                                                      2023-2024 School Supply List

Supply List

Highly Recommended Items

1 – 1.5 inch binder for ELA (8th Graders only)

Handheld Calculator

1—1.5 inch binder for Science (all grades)

          Grade 7: 4 Function Calculator

1 – 1.5 inch binder for math (all grades)

          Grade 8: Scientific Calculator

1 – Packs of binder dividers (5 tab pack or more)


1 – Pack of post-it notes

Padded computer case for Chromebook

2 – Marble composition notebooks

Earbuds for Chromebook

2 – Pack of loose leaf, wide rule


2 – Pack of 12 ct. # 2 pencils


1 – Pack of black pens


1 – Pack of highlighters


1—Pack of Dry Erase Markers


1 – Pack of glue sticks


1 – Pack of Pencil Colors


1 – box of facial tissues


2—3-prong pocket folders


1-2 inch View binder (8th Grade JAG students only)



Please note that a backpack/book sack has not been included on the school supply list because this item may possibly be used by a student for more than one year. However, each child should have a backpack or book sack large enough to accommodate textbooks, notebooks, and other materials and supplies transported to and from school.


2023-2024 Fees:  $25 total + PE uniform if needed

$10 for ID and Lanyard

$5 for Planner

$10 Registration Fees

Students who are enrolled in PE will be required to purchase a PE uniform for a total cost of $20 ($10 for shirt, $10 for shorts)


Belle Place Middle School Orientation

Monday, August 9, 2023

7th Grade  9:00-11:00

8th Grade 1:00-2:15

Students are to report to the gym for orientation.  There will be a brief presentation by the principal and then student and parents/guardians will be released to take care of orientation procedures.  Students must be in proper school uniform for orientation.

Mandatory Fees (total $25):

$10.00 Registration Fee

$5 for Planner

$10.00 for ID and lanyard


All students enrolled in PE will be required to have a PE uniform. The complete PE uniform costs $20 ($10 for shirt, $10 for shorts).


If your student is not currently enrolled at BPMS or one our direct feeder schools (NLE, BPE, Daspit Elem.), please come to BPMS before orientation day to register your child.